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Edgagement brings transformation in the way companies develop and deliver eLearning. Our philosophy is to develop personalized, engaging eLearning journeys by fusing mobile technology with creative multimedia assets, and applying both to forward thinking educational best practices. Edgagement then delivers contextually relevant content to the learner based on their individual product knowledge needs and device of choice in a more efficient, engaging and measurable way.

Edgagement is founded upon the concept of reverse learning - an educational philosophy based on "filling the gaps" with learning that is individually needed by the learner. In other words, teach people what they don't know rather than reiterating and reviewing topics they already understand. The result is a more effective use of management's time, operational budget savings, and lower employee payroll hours to learn new material or communicate ongoing information.

Founder and Team

Founder: Maarti DeFonce

A 25 year career as a business-minded creative / marketing professional,
and founder of the Edgagement(SM) B2B moblie learning platform.
Through extensive work in the areas of B2B learning, visual communications and social technologies, I have developed an expertise in articulating a business's objectives and translating them in to visual solutions. As an advocate for using technology to connect audiences in new ways, I have a proven track record in providing customized solutions that generate revenue, engagement, and return on investment.

Edgagement(SM) is a B2B mobile learning platform which connects a manufacturer and their selling partners. Not only do we use text push notifications as a primary engagement method, we also provide analytics demonstrating "who knows what" about a product or service, in real time. The combination of our Edgagement platform and our creative capabilities to develop content positions us an end-to-end solution for digital learning.

My agency continues to serve long-standing clients with creative and technological programs in the areas of health, beauty, food, and fashion and beyond. From basic communication deployments to in-depth eLearning programs, we have the ability and experience to articulate business objectives and create solutions which solve communication issues, streamline processes, and save time and money by finding better ways to do things.


Edgagement's talent is an exclusive team of curriculum designers, software technologists, and business veterans in the New York and Southern California areas. Their combined experience includes numerous successes in a wide range of areas such as Trade and Consumer Marketing and Creative Services, Software Design, Social Technologies, Mobile Application Development and venture capital firms. Our team has experience working in global organizations as well as small tech firms. We pride ourselves on our ability to distill our client's business needs and to deliver execeptional learning experiences for them on time and on budget.

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