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Bring transformation in the way you communicate to your selling partners.

Edgagement (Education + Engagement)

Edgagement fuses modern mobile marketing techniques with forward thinking educational best practices to personalize a learning journey that delivers contextually relevant content, based on your selling partner’s individual product knowledge, needs and device of choice.
  • Improve speed to competency of new information.
  • Protect your brand’s value proposition by distributing consistent content to all learners regardless of the device.
  • Measure results defined by individual accountability and performance across districts, regions, or even by subject.
  • Ensure your programs result in measureable outcomes.

  • Content built for
    "mobile moments."

    Have you ever watched something on your mobile device, only to be met with frustration in resizing the content, or feeling as though they've gone on too long? read why this happens >

    Most people process visuals 600,000 times faster than text.

    Well designed multimedia modules will reduce the learning curve and improve learning acquisition.

    Video is not only the most efficient method for learning, but also the most preferred. For example, the rise of YouTube views was up 40 percent in 2015, demonstrating that we prefer to watch a video to learn just about anything. Additonally, 2-minute video can convey the same information found in a 5 page document.

    Empower your sales teams to work the way they live.

    The more they know,
    the better they sell.

    Be prepared for the smart shopper.
    Make sure your selling teams measure up.

    Due to the amount of product and brand information available on the internet, consumers are saavy and smart. Research shows that whether we are buying something for ourselves or for our business, we, as consumers, demand smarter sales people to transact with. As a result, it is more important than ever before to connect and train sales teams in a more efficient manner, and on any device, at any time. Make sure yours are prepared to abandon the standard pitch deck, and they are able to ask the right questions to get their prospect talking.

    Improve knowledge acquisition.

    Numerous studies have shown learning is more effective if it’s accompanied by games. Because games are active and participatory, they can motivate people to learn and increase their long-term knowledge.