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Small screen content has an entirely different methodology.

It has been proven that a 2 minute multimedia video can deliver as much as a 5 page document, and that most people can process a visual 600,00 times faster than text. That's why our designers take careful consideration in developing our modules, so our learners don't bounce out because the content is too difficult to keep up with, or they simply don't have the desire to keep watching. The strategy is to engage the learner more often, but with shorter sessions each time.

Large screen delivery has an entirely different engagement philosophy, one that allows for the examination of content that would be otherwise very difficult on a small screen. Contact us today to learn more about small screen versus large screen delivery.

Why on demand learning works:

Engage when ready.
Easily deploy training to your learners and allow them to engage on their own devices when they are ready to learn.
Get more.
Complement instructor-led training with targeted modules that focus your team and get the most out of your investment.
Save on budget.
A great solution way to enhance coaching and training without having to do so in person.
Stay current.
Allow your learners to be in control of their learning with the right resource at the right time so they feel confident in their learning path.

Why micro-learning works:

Affordable and agile.
Due to short training duration, the microlearning costs are lower than traditional eLearning. They can be created and deployed much quicker than traditional eLearning.
Shorter development cycle.
On account of the run length and the typical formats used to develop microlearning, these assets have a much shorter development cycle.
Easy to update.
Microlearning nuggets can be updated and corrected quickly to enhance their impact.
Wider application.
Microlearning can be applied for formal learning or as Performance Support Tools (PSTs). You can use these nuggets as stand-alone assets or they could be part a series of microlearning courses.
High impact.
By definition, microlearning nuggets are designed to meet a narrow but specific outcome. This has a positive impact on learning and application. They can be used very effectively to bring about behavioral change.

How to create micro-learning moments:

Map learning moments by identifying instances in which students of a training process need to connect with knowledge required for the performance of their learning activities. To start, focus on the moments you cannot miss and move from there.
Understand learners' needs in the micro moment in which they need access to knowledge, evaluating how to make the learning experience better; or evaluating what content would be most helpful to that particular instant. Put yourself in their shoes!
Contextualize the learning experience by analyzing the context like location and time of the micro moment to deliver a customized eLearning experience. Match the content to the when and where of your learners.
Optimize your eLearning experience along the learning journey of your learners across all channels, independent of what organization or department owns the channel. The learner is your focus for improving.
Measure every moment when possible and use best estimates when an exact measure is not available. Don't let measurement gaps get in the way of monitoring the entire eLearning journey.

These steps are the just the beginning. Contact us to shift to a learner centric eLearning strategy that fits today's micro moment driven learning environments.