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Let Edgagement be your Sales Enablement Director and bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

Engage those who mean most to your business, your selling teams.

Product knowledge
Deliver concise, strategic product news within your internal and external networks
Executive flash communications
Distribute important, actionable information
Sales management & coaching
Bridge the gap between sales management and field teams
Sales readiness
Encourage best practices with videos and learning activities that strengthen selling skills
Extended learning
Ensure the message sticks after in person training has occured

Reduce the learning curve, increase learning acquisition.

Extend in-person learning with engagement strategies before and after your event:
  • Strengthen key concepts prior to the event to level set expectations and allow educators to hit the ground running.
  • Engage reps during break out sessions to ensure concepts are understood prior to moving on.
  • Reinforce learned information 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months later to protect your investment and ensure product knowledge and selling skills are in tact.

  • What sales teams want:
    on-demand and micro-learning

    Why On Demand works:

    Through carefully crafted education and engagment strategies, we create personalized learning journeys based on your learner’s need. By allowing employees to engage when and where they are ready, they are more engaged and therefore will have increased retention rates of new and or ongoing information.

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    Why Micro learning works:

    Micro learning is short spurts of learning in bite-sized chunks that can be engaged with on someone’s own time. Technology can meet these employee needs and wants, and employers can capitalize on the fact that micro-learning will be cheaper, more efficient, and, ultimately, more effective.

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