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In the engagement economy, whoever has the most engaged internal and external selling partners will have an unquestionable edge on innovation, product knowledge, and speed to competency.

Edgagement is the most effective currency to drive collaboration.

Start Capturing participation bandwidth today.

Engage those who mean most to your business, your selling partners.

Edgagement brings transformation in the way we communicate to your internal and external selling partners. Don’t bury your information in email or on an employee portal - use the communication channel business partners value most - text.

Educate with your content, or create custom modules.

Edgagement’s team of visual communications specialitsts - consisting of curriculum and interactive designers, video producers and behavior change experts - can modify your existing assets or create a media rich, dynamic library of content to engage and educate your selling partners.

Reward for a job well done.

Is it pride, curiosity or feeling smart in the moment that motivates your selling partner? Understanding what your they want, and how much they are willing to participate to get it - are the primary motivators and reward triggers that guide our programs and result in longer term engagement with your content.