B2B mobile learning built for the way we...
B2B mobile learning built for the way we...

Welcome to 21st century e‑learning.

Edgagement is a cloud-based e‑learning platform that sits at the dynamic intersection of gamification, social media and visual communications. Our approach to B2B e‑learning combines modern digital marketing techniques with tried-and-true educational best practices, resulting in personalized, deeper user insights.

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We are proud to have worked with highly regarded brands who are leaders in their respective fields—but we also love to help emerging brands, too.

Fun wins, every time.
We have the data to prove it.

Our position in the market is pretty simple: Thanks to the 432 million people worldwide who like to play games on their mobile devices, it was a no-brainer to develop a brain-based gaming/training platform designed specifically for career and or educational advancement...and we were right. Read more

Meet Ginger
Your virtual learning assistant

With interactive voice recognition, your e‑learning engagement has just been dramatically expanded.

Games are good biz
Are you ready to play?

Tap the sample games below to see how they can be used to engage users and capture data in an entirely new way.

Spin to Win

A game that combines both selling skills and product knowledge. Everyone is a winner!

This, not that!

Challenges the user through critical thinking scenarios.

Do you get the picture?

Can the user apply their knowledge to get the correct answer? Play to find out!

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In today's fast-paced business environment, content is too important to go unread or unnoticed.

See how Edgagement leveraged its modern approach to assessing skills gaps with a major retail brand.

Case Study
Using gamification to assess skills gaps

Learn how Edgagement leveraged its modern gamification techniques to motivate and educate a major retail brand.

Design like an expert
(even if you're not).

Benefit from our expertly crafted authoring tools that measure up to today's expectations of what can be done on a mobile device.

Learners, gamers & neuroscience
How to make learning that "sticks"

The Edgagement approach delivers learning in a way that encourages the user to organically engage with information, resulting in a richer educational experience and better memory recall in a shorter period of time. Read more


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