Today’s B2B learners have choices as to where to go to get content. So...what’s the key to get them to come back to yours as the preferred choice?

Our approach is as easy as
One. Two. Three.

The Edgagement approach uses 3 key philosophies to drive engagement and optimal memory recall, making our programs fun and engaging for users yet strategically designed to deliver business results.

Content must meet the needs of the modern lifestyle.

Meet the modern learner.
They learn on the go
  • 27% on the way to work
  • 42% at their office desk
  • 30% when alerted to updates
  • 52% at point of need
They learn on the phone
  • 67% learn on mobile devices;
  • knows what they want from online learning and want it to be informal and self-directed
They are impatient
  • Gives content just 7 seconds to decide if it has their attention;
  • Most won’t watch a video over 4 minutes

Engagement must meet the needs of the modern gamer.

Meet the modern gamer.
  • 1.2 billion worldwide
  • 432,000,000 like to play games on mobile devices
  • Average age: 39 44% female / 56% male

Content must be designed for optimal memory recall.

Use the AGES model of neuroscience of learning
  • Focused attention on new materials
  • Make it fun
  • Generate one’s own connections to knowledge they already have.
  • Enhanced recall when it is personal
  • Triggers recall and enhances learning
  • Recall is greater when the brain has time to “process” and embed new information

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