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B2B content, modernized

Edgagement's team of visual communications and education experts can work with your content and assets to build your modules... or create them to accomodate your needs.

Ensure those who engage with your content will have the best possible experience regardless of device or operating system. Start a module on a mobile device, then switch over to a laptop/desktop. It's okay. Because Edgagement has the flexibility to accommodate all devices at any place and at any time.

designed mobile first translates to all screen sizes

Long-form content that was designed for desktop or classroom viewing is fine for just that - desktop or classroom. However, content meant for small screens is designed with a different creative strategy and purpose. We are experts in crafting small screen content. Using a balanced mix is of words, motion graphics and interactivity, Edgagaement ensures your program will be engaging, dynamic, and most importantly... consumed by your audience.

Meet the modern learner

A study from the Rapid Learning Institute found that 94 percent of learners prefer modules less than 10 minutes in duration (particularly for soft-skill topics), and 65 percent said most online training modules contain too much information. Let's look at 3 reasons why Edgagement aligns with modern learners:
  • 1. Edgagement uses micro-moments to engage in short spurts.
  • 2. Edgagement designs highly interactive, customized modules that are personalized for the learner.
  • 3. Edgagement was built mobile first so it works on all devices.

  • Learn how you can modernize your learning programs.

    push message delivery, modernized

    Reach the your sales teams using the channel and strategy with the highest engagement rates.

    Over the years there has been a decline in email effectiveness and open rates, leaving many manufacturers wondering how best to keep in touch with their selling and distribution teams. Mobile marketing has proven to increase exposure with read and open rates that make it the preferred communication channel to both send and recieve information.